The Transformation by Foto Chad

Happy Trans Day of Visibility and Easter Sunday!

I think there is a beautiful serendipity in these two celebrations falling on the same day. Jesus in the resurrection was most certainly transformed. One physicality of him died and another took its place. Not to mention that when Jesus appeared to many afterwards they did not recognize him physically because he changed his appearance multiple times. What people did recognize though was the spirit on the inside. I would dare say as well that Jesus not only appeared as male but also as female and non-binary to some, or at least would have if the culture at the time could have handled it. But it was hard enough at that time just to get the culture to eat other foods.

The point, missed by religious folks in Jesus’s day and likewise still being missed by many religious folks in our day, is that what’s on the outside is fleeting and transitory. What matters is what’s on the inside. And when the inside is acknowledged and made whole the outside naturally follows suit and is transformed. This is the true transformative power of Christ which is often oppressed by those who would rather just put up a culturally appropriate facade.

So on to the image I've chosen for this post and how I see it as The Transformation. It started out as just a cloud picture as can be seen here. You all know by know I like looking up and capturing things I see in the sky.

The Transformation - original photo

From there I edited it a bit to draw out the contrast and elements that gave it the dynamic feel I felt with the picture.

The Transformation after original edits

Finally, I added in some unique coloring representing the splash of life and energy coming from within the person at the center of the image.

The Transformation - Final image

Now, I realize I have an imagination and many may still not see what I'm seeing. So, allow me to try to point it out with a skill I don't have - drawing. 😄 In this next image I've tried to outline what I see. Imagine a person, Jesus even if you will, with arms spread out, head tilted back and looking up, and body slightly bowed. And as he is rising again, coming back to life, a massive force comes from within him and releases.

Drawing effort to show what I see.

I think I'll stick to photography. If you'll bear me one additional attempt to show you what I see... It also looks like shadows behind him as if being propelled through instances of time and his shadow being left in the stages of transformation and issuances of energy. I've tried to darken them in this next image to help draw them out.

Drawing out the shadows

Final image one more time:

The Transformation

Can you see it now? Perhaps not, or perhaps you see something else. ❤️

My story with this image though is the transformation from life, to death, to life again... being reborn into ones true self and identity. May all of us being transformed in one way or another, internally and/or externally, find the power, courage, and bravery to live life to it's fullest, truest, and best.

With love,

The Transformation by fotochad

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