Life in The Sky

Life in The Sky
Life in The Sky

"The sky is the daily bread of the eyes."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I've been looking up for quite some time. It always fascinates me what I'll find. Some days it's a blue sky, some days a dark sky, and some days I'll see characters looking back at me.

Once I started with photography I began trying to capture what I saw in the sky. Sometimes the characters would be gone before I could even grab my camera, being saved only in my memory until that too faded away.

Apes Look Up Too - from Life In The Sky collection on Foundation

That's one of the things I've found fascinating about life in the sky. Like our physical lives, it's so temporal, momentary, and fleeting. If I can capture it I consider it a gift that I was there to see it. It's an experience of a moment that was there for everyone to see but I was perhaps the only one to see it. Then to be able to share some of these once in a lifetime observations though photography is invigorating for me.

All the more fascinating is when these photo's are shared and sometimes a person sees nothing, or sees something completely different than I saw, and we can share in the experiences of what each other sees.

The Monster - from Life in The Sky collection on Foundation

So I've started to post this collection that's been brewing over the last 10 years to Foundation, an NFT platform on the Ethereum chain. I know some say NFT's are dead, but I believe they'll be around for a while and will pick up steam again, especially those with a story or meaning or that capture something momentary and lost to time.

Enjoy the collection and thanks for stopping by.