January 1, 2020

So, a bit about this photo. It was January 1, 2020... That line could be the opening of an epic novel!

It was January 1, 2020. The three of us had been sitting around most of the day relaxing after staying up late the night before - late being 12:15am. 😄 It was New Years day though so we wanted to do something before the entire day passed by. We thought, well, why not head out for a little hike with what day light was left, so we did.

We made it to one of our usual spots, parked just outside of the pay-to-park area to save a dollar, and made our way to the trails. Was a lovely evening in California. Not too buggy and not too many people out at that time. It was cool, but not cold. We walked around for about an hour with our dog living his best life and then decided to head back as the sun was starting to set. And as we did, the sky turned ominously orangish red.

I, of course, having my camera along began capturing the sky above. At the same time I noticed people not noticing the red sky. Rather, some were busy on their phones as the sky seemingly began to foretell the year ahead that none of us were aware was coming. This photo I feel captures the essence of that.

2020 was was a year many buried their head in the sand, or in this case, the cell phone, and ignored the signs and the reality of life around them. From denying the reality of COVID, to ignoring issues of social justice, to dealing with the country being in the grips of a deranged orange person, it was a tumultuous year that left a mark on many lives.

Who knew what the sky was foretelling on this particular Jan 1st, but there it is in retrospect for those who looked up and had the eyes to see it. May there be clear skies this upcoming Jan 1st!

2020 by fotochad

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